August 21, 2013

Road Track of an Otaku


November 2008
, it all started when I have tripped to go to Level-Up live as Costripper. ^_^ a Cora Tribe warrior from RF online.. ^_^  (no picture exists) because i am too shy that time so i took it off too early. but that first time is the beginning of all of my thoughts and a cosplayer and Otaku was Born!! (TAADDAAA!!)

But that time, I was only on my Third Year in High School so I need to Quit on Cosplay. and as a Con-Goer.. :(  so on 2009 i need to halt my Cosplay Hobby to enter on College..

September 24 2011, a Convention near my school, which is the LaCon has been set its event. ^_^ my eyes was filled with joy as I hear from my classmates that the event was set.. so I go, then i was Joined on the Anime Clan: Going Beyond Borders.. which is until now I am a member codenamed ABYSS.. ^_^ i was so happy that until now, i stayed in this wonderful group. ^_^

2012, i was joined in many unpermanent cosplay groups. it was painful to see some groups that disbanded too early and again, after those days, i was an Freelancer again. 
June 24 2012, i joined Anime Cosplay Empire , as one of the pioneers, i enjoy the company that until now i cherished. ACE was a group which i love the most. ^_^ that until now, gives me the chill and proud of being a cosplayer.

July 10 2012, i joined Naruto Cosplayers Philippines as a member, i was so proud that NCPH gives importance and dedication to ACE. also, this is the second group i love the most.^_^
-i know that my history in cosplay community has just started and i know this history will expand a lot.. ^_^

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